Plumbing vandalism

We're sad to report that over the weekend, vandals broke into Berkeley Community Garden and stole nearly every water tap in the garden. The gates were found locked in the morning, so we're assuming someone hopped over the Alley fence to do the damage. Every tap except the two near tremont were removed - we assume visibility kept them from those taps. There wasn't much metal in the plumbing (minimal copper and brass), but scrap value is the only motive we can think of. A total of 21 stations/42 taps were removed. This looks like more than just vandalism. Nothing else in the garden appears damaged. A reminder to all gardeners to remember to lock the garden gates when you leave at or close to sunset.

The police have taken a report and will begin an investigation. If you saw anything or anyone suspicious in the garden over the weekend, please contact the police. We're hoping BNAN insurance will cover the repairs.

We'll keep the community updated on the status of things as we know.

Press: Photos can be used in reports. Photo credits: John McLachlan. Berkeley Community Garden is located at 500 Tremont Street at the corner of East Berkeley in Boston's South End.