Our "Other" visitors

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Yes, "Bugs" (Eastern Cottontail) has invaded the garden. When we saw the first few, some folks thought they were cute. But rabbits breed like rabbits, and they are now a devastating pest within the garden. Most gardeners now have to rabbit-proof their plots/beds in order to get a harvest that is not eaten.

Coopers Hawk

Juvenile Coopers Hawks are often seen in the garden during springtimes. During the 2016 season, it spend most of the summer in the garden. Not sure if it was attracted to rabbits, squirrels or rats. In either case, we certainly welcome natural pest control to the garden!

From the garden, we cal also often see the city's Red Tail hawks circling above, but so far haven't seen one actually in the garden.
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Cedar Waxwing

Our masked friend seems to be new to the garden... He loved the holly berries that were still there in over winter into the spring.
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Eastern Wood-Pewee

(Internet Image) We didn't actually spot this little guy, we heard his song in the garden!

Goldfinch & Downy Woodpecker feast on a garden sunflower

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