November 2022

More tree removal

Unfortunately the garden must remove another mature tree.

The large
Honey Locust tree on A row, near the shed and our small seating area, will be removed November 21.

While the tree looks fine, it has reached the end of life. The trunk and root area has has fungi growing from it for a few years now. When we trimmed the tree last, that did not promote any new growth. If you compare this tree to the front entrance honey locust, you can see that this tree has gotten thin and spindly. Fence construction gives us an opportunity to bring in tree removal equipment without worrying about garden damage.

The tree will be replaced with another Honey Locust tree.

NPR does the Garden

NPR spent the summer of 2022 in the garden, following us throughout a garden season and interviewing many of our Asian gardens.

Their final report can be heard at this link, including interviews with many of our gardeners!