March 2023

Spring Cleanup 2023

Spring Cleanup will take place the weekend of March 31-April 1, 2023. Dumpster will be on site Fri-Sun, but main cleanup will be on Saturday. (We may will up the dumpster on Saturday, so caution if you wait until Sunday.

On Saturday:
- Cleanup is 9am-3pm
- Garden meeting at 11am
- Garden pot-luck at noon. Bring a dish to share!

Unfortunately, a row may or may not be ready to occupy by April 1. The Trustees are a little behind schedule. But we cannot move cleanup - permits are paid for and the dumpster reservation is made. In addition, everyone has 'cleared their schedule' for this particular weekend, so it would be challenging to ask everyone to move their schedules.

At cleanup we will clean out as much of the garden as we can and assist everyone who needs help in B and C rows. We could also use a hand with some structural repairs on the B and C rows. On Saturday we will know the state of A row and go from there. The trustees will also be there to answer questions (They should move closer to completing by April 1 even if they are not done yet)

The Trustees, our landlords, will also be prohibiting the creative recycling we have been using to build structures for people to use growing vertically. They are designing a new pergola system, and we will know more about this system and potential funding for it on the 1st. But this does mean a lot of materials people have been saving cannot be reused. April 1 will also be an opportunity to dispose of any extra such materials.

See everyone April 1st!