Closed Garden

As many neighbors have noticed, the garden continues to be closed to the public as of August 2021.

We had planned to re-open a few days each week starting in August, but with the rise in the infection rate and the Delta variant, the re-opening has been put on hold. The garden remains closed to keep both you, our potential visitors, and our gardeners safe during the health crisis. We just wanted to let our neighbors know we do enjoy the garden being open and sharing our garden with you, right now safety has to be our greatest concern.

We thank our abutters and neighbors for their understanding during these trying times.

正如許多鄰居所注意到的那樣,自 2021 8 月起,該花園將繼續對公眾關閉。

我們原計劃從 8 月開始每週重新開放幾天,但隨著感染率的上升和 Delta 變體,重新開放已被擱置。 花園仍然關閉,以確保您、我們的潛在訪客和我們的園丁在健康危機期間的安全。 我們只是想讓我們的鄰居知道我們確實喜歡開放的花園並與您分享我們的花園,現在安全必須是我們最關心的問題。