Garden closed for the season

The Garden is now Closed for the season.
Thanks to everyone for a great 2015 season!
 Please keep the gates locked at all times.  
If you go into the garden, please use your key to get in,
and lock the door behind you as you enter.

The garden is generally closed from December 1 until March 1.   

We close the garden in the winter for the safety and security of you the gardeners, and the garden itself.  With no one gardening in the cold months, we lose our ‘eyes on the garden’ – meaning people can come in and vandalize or misuse the garden, and no one is around to see such illicit activity.   This month we had a homeless person living in the garden, who went unnoticed for a week.  To keep our garden property safe, and to keep people from coming in and drinking, doing drugs, or setting up camp in the garden, we keep the gates locked at all times to keep visitors out during winter months. 
The Tremont, Shawmut and East Berkeley gates all lock with your garden keys.  The Alley gates are permanently locked closed.  We have reinforced the East Berkeley fence gap while we await final fence repair. 

We also ask that you do not enter the garden after snow has fallen.   The sun can melt snow during the day, which refreezes at night, making the garden paths icy and treacherous.   Should you slip and fall, you could go undiscovered for hours.   For your own safety, please keep out of the garden once snow begins falling.  

As always, if you see any illicit activity in the garden, please call 9-1-1 to report the activity to the police (617-3434-911 from your cell phone).  Remain on scene to let the police in (if need be) and email garden leadership so we know something has happened in the garden.    If you call police, the garden address is 500 Tremont, and 215 Shawmut Ave. (depending on which end of the garden you see activity).